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Afghan riding whip Arabian camel whip with silver handle Czech riding whip Argentine riding whip, plaited rawhide Argentine riding whip with detachable thong Bolivian rawhide riding whip, three tails Mongolian riding whip Mongolian riding whip in presentation box buzkashi whip Russian nagaika with carved handle Russian nagaika III OWK whip Pakistani riding whip with carved head Pakistani riding whip, three braided tails Rawhide riding whip Swedish cavalry whip Singletail whip from Egypt Peruvian rawhide riding whip, three tails Peruvian fancy riding whip, three tails Peruvian riding whip OWK whip II Russian Nagaika IV Hungarian Rawhide Whip Heavy riding crop made from rawhide Cossack Whip Buzkashi Whip II Camel whip with raffia handle