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Deluxe Bullwhip 8ft / special version

This whip is a special production by Steven Koliski. It has several new features: The hand part is a bit wider than usual to provide an easier grip. The plait changes several times over the length of the whip. The hand part has a square pattern, followed by a four-seam herringbone. On the transition, the most-stressed part of the whip, the herringbone pattern changes to eight-seam, then to four-seam agan. The fall is attached with a fall knot like on leather whips. The fall itself consists of three different lengths of hollow material, the inner ones made of Dacron, the outer one made of Nylon, sled into each other to create a taper like on a leather one. The knob has a red pattern plaited in vertical direction (parallel to the handle). This is more difficult than the usual ring pattern.

Origin: USA
Maker: Steven Koliski
Category: Bullwhips
Purpose: Sports whipcracking
Added on: 2009-07-03