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Argentine Arreador

Whips of this style are used in Argentina for herding cattle. Except the handle core, the whip is entirely made from rawhide, a material harder to plait than leather. The thong is plaited 12plt / 6-seam (normally, whips are 4-seam) from the point. The first few inches are twisted instead and hold the replaceable rawhide fall. The thong is attached to the handle with crowning, making this whip something between a bullwhip and a stockwhip. There is no cracker, as this whip is just used for slapping. So the small loop at the connection between thong and crowning is not a spare cracker holder as I thought first, but for hanging the whip on a hook.

Origin: Argentine
Category: Singletail Whips
Purpose: Herding
Added on: 2013-01-19